Thursday, 31 August 2017

My go to summer staples'17

As summer draws to a close , I thought a blog post on my most go to items that I've been wearing this  summer would make a good post, as each year there are always a few items that become the main players in your go to wardrobe. This year I had four, and all but one of them were charity shop purchases:)
so of  course it was easy for me to find pics of me wearing them , as I wore them most of the time over the summer, but the collage of pics above depicts me wearing them all together!

so my favourite is my levi shorts that I found at  a FARA charity shop for £4 , I love the fit , as I'm not showing bum cheek everywhere and the denim is so much better then the denim around at the moment , so I'm keeping my eye out for more, as I've looked in the levi shop and their just not the same as the old ones or should I say the vintage ones.

Next up is my castaner espadrilles, I have these canvas shoes in a few colours and I don't tend to wear much else in the summer, as they go with everything!, but I did purchase some other styles from zara this summer that did make an appearance to change it up a bit now and then.

At the beginning of each summer I go a bit mad on buying sunglasses and this continues throughout the summer, but in the end I really only end up wearing the same one pair ... this years pair out of all the pairs I brought that I actually fell in love with.. I  found at a charity shop for £2 from age uk. Their the perfect colour perfect shape and size for my face and compared to some that I brought the perfect price too!

finally but not least is my cardigan perfect if there's a bit of a sea breeze or a chilly evening , but still keeps you looking summery, again another charity shop find... and this is why I love charity shops , as I never find stuff like this at the normal high st shops... I also found this at ageuk for £7 and I love it!

Hope you all had a lovely summer ! :)

Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Boost Beauty Pink grapefruit & frankincense

Over the past several months I have become a huge fan of boost oxygen beauty* and enjoy the benefits of using it daily throughout the day. The 98% pure oxygen infused with with the aroma of pink grapefruit and frankincense has helped improve my headaches and moments of anxiety that I get now and then, but the main benefits of using this supplemental oxygen, is that it helps to fight against the effects of  pollution that our skin is exposed to everyday, so perfect for those of us who want to keep our skin looking its best and keep those dreaded wrinkles away! ....I go into more detail about the effects of pollution on our skin in my previous boost beauty post here: [ Boost oxygen beauty ]

The portable canisters come in two sizes, the larger can is 22oz and contains just over 6 litres of oxygen, which will give you anywhere between 75-150 inhalations, but this does all depend on how long you inhale for each time. The larger can also has the mask built in, which the smaller canister does not. On the whole I much prefer using the can with the mask, as I feel you get a much more effective blast of oxygen with each inhalation, but sometimes the smaller 4oz can, which is just over 2litres and delivers between 15-50 inhalations is the perfect size and just what you need when your out and about and stuck for space and maybe just have a trouser pocket or a small bag to choose from, but you still want to continue with your regime to protect your skin from the elements.

also feel much more comfortable using the smaller can if i'm out and about..on the tube or bus, as the cute size and straw like tube is very discreet, so if you was wondering what size to purchase I would definitely recommend both sizes, as I have found both of them work great for different situations . The larger can with the mask is a must! and the mini can, with its cute size is very easy to just keep in my everyday bag. 

I also keep one in my make up bag, as its has become apart of my skincare regime along with all my other skincare products I use to help ward off the effects of the aging process.
 I tend to inhale a few times in the morning when I get up to start my day and then use it as and when I feel the need  throughout the day, if I'm feeling sluggish or the weather is really muggy or if I find myself in a really polluted area & then again in the evening after removing my make-up, so to help  keep my skin looking and feeling at its best.

 *This has been a collaboration with