Thursday, 29 June 2017

Recharge & recover with Boost oxygen Menthol - Eucalyptus

With our busy daily lives taking over its easy to become burned out and stressed leaving us feeling over tired, run down and mentally sluggish. so its important to make some time for yourself to recharged and refuel your body mind and soul, so you can be the best you can be.Getting away somewhere isn't always an option,but there are definitely some things you can do so to imagine you are somewhere nice and calming,to give yourself a chance to re-balance and recharge ,even if its only for the duration of your lunch break or a spare 10mins.

If your not the type of person that's used to setting aside some quiet time for yourself you might actually find it a bit of a challenge at first, especially if your always on the go and your not quite sure as to what the me time should be.
Each year more and more people are turning to meditation/yoga to relieve stress and help to reduce their blood pressure and others have found it has helped with their anxiety or depression they feel.
 The exercises work for people of all levels of fitness and best of all can be done anywhere at anytime. 
Taking a class is a good way to find which style works best for you and to learn some of the techniques, so that even on you lunch break you can just take yourself off to the local park, riverside or quiet spot, or if at home a quiet room of even the garden. 
I definitely benefit from taking some time out of my day to try and meditate and do some gentle stretches and just sit ,think positive thoughts and just chill ...away from mobile phones, social media, work emails, etc
I found including boost oxygen's Menthol-Eucalyptus 95% pure portable oxygen a great addition to my sessions, as taking deep, relaxing breathes of pure oxygen very calming, soothing and uplifting all at the same time.

The oxygen just by its self is also perfect for those of you who cant get away from the office or only have 5 or 10 mins to spare in your day. If its a bit noisy where you are you can just pop in some headphones with some soothing sounds and escape for a few minutes while just sitting in your chair.The oxygen comes in two handy sizes that you can easily keep in a drawer or bag. 
Just inhaling Eucalyptus is known to relax the nervous system and muscles and can help relieve stress levels, lowering blood pressure. The stimulating aroma teamed with oxygen can lift mental fatigue which in turn improves mental performance and memory.

so if you find yourself caught up in the stresses of daily life why not try and include a small daily routine of exercises, meditation and breathing techniques combined with boost oxygen's menthol-eucalyptus,to give you that extra boost to help 
re-balance emotions when feeling over whelmed, reduce tensions,clear your head,  lift your spirits and feel more like you again, ready to take on the rest of your day.

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Wednesday, 28 June 2017

The barbican conservatory

When this floral leaf dress arrived from closet London, I knew there was only one place that would be perfect to shoot an OOTD!
The conservatory at the Barbican center is a hidden tropical oasis in the heart of the city.
The greenhouse is home to over 2,000 species of tropical plants and trees, and plays host to many fashion events and private functions.

Unlike Kew gardens the Barbican conservatory is free to enter, but its only open to the public on a Sunday from 11am-5pm.
So to make sure I got there, as soon as it opened, so to get some photos before it got too busy!
I got myself up bright an early, but its always wise to check their website before you plan to go for possible closures, as its often used for private functions and events.

Dress - Closet London
White pumps Newlook

on your visit you will find lots of other people taking pics, but there are lots of little areas within the conservatory that you can take yourself off to that make perfect little backdrops for your pictures, but try to get there as soon as it opens as it gets quite busy after midday and as its a conservatory its also on the warm side so layers are a must!
once finished there is always lots on at the barbican centre and the architecture of the surrounding buildings are also a great location to take yet more pics