Tuesday, 30 May 2017

How I clean my camera lenses

A few years ago I treated myself to a Nikon D3200 dslr camera, and even though it came with a half decent kit lens, as my love for photography grew, so did my craving for new lenses!.
 I've since gone on to purchased a couple of other lenses to improve the quality of my photos, and
even though I've been quite careful with looking after the lenses, including buying the correct filters for each one, somehow I've still manage to get them dirty ie, finger marks, dust particles and smudges,which really does effect the appearance of your photos.
At first I made the mistake of using a glasses cloth to clean the lens, which only made things worst, but luckily I tried that method out on my kit lens, but when my more expensive lenses became dirty  I knew I had to look into a proper lens cleaning kit.


After looking around on the internet at different kits, and reading reviews, 
I settled on the Lenspen cleaning kit £19.99 from PCworld/currys, which comes with :
1. Lens cleaner pen (white pen)
 2. Filter cleaner pen (black pen)
 3. Hurricane blower
4. Micro fibre cloth .
Once home I wanted to get going with the kit straight away, but I was so nervous, as my favourite lens cost me £700.00 and even though this lens only had dust particles sitting on the lens,
 cleaned in the wrong way, these harmless bits of dust could actually end up scratching the lens, and for me that wasn't an option.
I took a deep breath and begun following the instructions, 
but I need not have worried as the process worked a treat, and my favourite lens was as good as new! Yaaay!
So with confidence I began cleaning my other lenses.... 

Firstly I used the hurricane blower to blow clean air onto the lens to remove 
any dust or debris that was sitting on top.

Both pens that come with the kit are double sided with a retractable soft natural brush at one end, and a chamois cleaning tip at the other. The white pen you use on your camera lens, and the black one you use on your filters. I proceeded with the white pen with the brush end, which  gently removed any remaining dirt particles. 
I then flipped the pen over to the other end, which has a cleaning tip with an invisible carbon cleaning compound, a special non liquid cleaning element, which is very easy to use, just by going over the lens surface in smooth circular movements until the smudges and any marks disappear. If some of the marks are being a bit stubborn, don't worry as you can gently breathe on the lens and repeat the step to get a better result.


Repeat the whole process with the black pen on your filters, as there's no point putting dirty filers over a sparkling clean lens!

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