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Vitamins I take and why

I am one of these people who were lead to believe that you could get all your daily vitamins and nutrients from the food that we eat, but unfortunately the quality of our food has deteriorated so much since the 1920s that taking vitamin supplements is essential to maintain your natural health and well-being.
I  had wanted to take vitamin supplements long before I actually started, but every time I walked into a health food store I didn't know where to begin. The sales advisers would bombard me with all this information that just confused me even more, plus I always felt they were trying to push a certain brand of vitamin on me to buy, and as these vitamins are quite expensive!,  I did not want to waste my money buying the wrong thing, so I would always ended up just leaving .
Then five years ago I was diagnosed with an endocrine disorder, and acquired a team of doctors who have been looking after me ever since. The doctors main aim was to treat the condition, but they also prescribed some supplements for me to take to ensure my overall health after a blood test came back urgent on almost everything:/. I now take a lot! of supplements everyday, and I have seen the benefits for myself.
 The results have also prompted  family and friends to ask what supplements I take, so in this post I am only going to mention the ones that I get asked about the most, as the others are specific to my health conditions. 

                                                                              Vitamin D-3
After my poor blood test results I was given a vitamin D injection straight away, as my D count was so low. This however wears off over time, but as we were approaching the summer months my doctor told me to just sit out in the morning sun for about 15-20 mins x3 a week ,so to get some natural vitamin D. However that particular year our summer was a complete wash out!. Knowing that my vitamin D level was dropping, and my appointment was not for another few months, I went to wholefoods, and was told this vitamin D3 £14.99 was really good. I started taking the directed 2 drops a day, and at my follow up appointment  my doctor thought I had been given another vitamin D injection, as my blood results were so good!. Ever since then I take this supplement only in the winter months, and try and sit out in the morning sun from April to September. I was giving this to protect and build my bones, but it also helped with regaining my hair health,and my skin appearance improved. You can find out more about vitamin d here:

                                                Liquid iron
Next I was prescribed iron tablets, which I took for quite a few months, but I wasn't getting any where, so my doctor switched me onto a liquid iron, which was prescription only( cant remember the name)but it done the trick, and my blood results were back up in the good range. when I no longer needed the prescribed iron supplement, I brought floradix liquid iron £10.09 to maintain my iron levels. My low iron results where one of the main causes of my thinning hair and fatigue that I was experiencing, and since taking the floradix, with the added B vitamins(which I will cover in the B12 boost spray) I have not had any more problems with my iron levels.
The main benefits I experienced was increased energy and regrowth of hair that I had presovously loss.If your like me and don't eat loads of red meat, and dark green veg then getting your iron levels checked is worth doing. To find out more about the benefits of taking an iron supplement click here:

Because I had seen such great results just by taking the two previous supplements I was hooked, and thought I would like to take a multivitamin to cover a multitude of areas. I was advised by my nutritionist that bio care are a good quality brand and purchased their vitasorb multivitamins £11.99.
This is one of those supplements you don't realise is doing anything until you stop taking it. On a couple of occasions I went to buy it , it was sold out, so I ended up buying another mutli vitamin instead, but just wasn't as effective. The main thing I notice when taking this is the speed of how everything grows, which can be annoying having to keep plucking your eyebrows and shaving your legs every five minutes, but I do enjoy the lovely long nails I get, even though I don't look after them :/.
When  choosing a multi vitamin you have to get the right one for your age and needs.

                                                 Vitamin B-12
After a conversation with a nurse about celebrities getting vitamin b shots and snaps of them hooked up to a drip to get a quick energy boost read article here : Vitamin drip celeb craze.
she suggested this B12 boost spray which also contains chromium and green tea extract, which is great for an energy boost £10.00 from most health food stores. I love it, and it tastes great. I carry this around in my handbag, and when I am feeling tired I pump a couple of sprays under my tongue. I don't know why I feel better taking this I just do. This is a supplement I don't like to run out off, as the more energy I have the more exercise I am likely to do, which keeps my fitness levels up, plus combined with the B vitamins in the liquid iron the results on my  hair has been incredible, which my trichologist (hair doctor) explains why here:


Omega 3 fish oil                                                    
After being diagnose with SVT  (supraventricular tachycardia) I started taking omega 3 fish oils due to its benefits on the heart, and got a healthy glow to my skin and glossy hair in the bargain.
It has a great taste not fishy at all, with a hint of lemon ,
which I take once a day. when it comes to fish oil you get what you pay for, so if your planning on taking a fish oil do your research, and choose a good one. Eskimo pure omega-3 fish oil £31.00 which I purchased from the Revital store is one of the best.
Between each bottle I have a four week break and concentrate on eating oily fish, avocado's, nuts and seeds. 
If you fancy a read on the beauty benefits of fish oils click here: 

With all the debate over whether its worth taking vitamin supplements, all I can say is that I feel and look much better when I am taking them. I have regular blood tests,and am monitored by my doctor. I don't recommend people taking a supplement they don't need, but If you are considering starting some new supplements I hope this post has helped a little, but its wise to check with your doctor first, especially if you are already on medication, pregnant ,or planing to become pregnant due to side effects and interactions between some vitamins and medications. 
                                                                                              Stay healthy! :)


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