Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Pamper Night! with Artifact Skin Co.

The weekend isn't the weekend without fitting in a pamper night!.
Taking some time out for yourself , treating your skin, hair and nails to some TLC is a must!
For my last few pampers nights I've been trying out some new products that were kindly sent to me from Artifact skin co.

Now lets just take a moment to admired their beautiful packaging! 
when these arrived at my door I knew my skin was in for a real treat. 

The masques come in glass jars, which I much prefer using to a sachet or tube, encased in cute tub like container,each accompanied by a small spatula that you use to remove the masque from the jar, rather then using your fingers. Artifact skin co also recommend using a brush to apply your masks, as a brush helps to spread the mask more evenly, plus you don't end up using as much. The masque brush is sold separately on their website.

My skin type is normal/dry, that can be sensitive at times. so I tried out the masques that would work best for my skin.
I started off by applying the Tahitian Vanilla Moni Masque, which is a softening and repairing masque recommended for normal/dry skin.

The best way I can describe this mask, is that it works in a similar way to the clay type masks that I've used before,that draw out the impurity's as it dries, but the big difference with this artifact mask is that it has a buttercream like texture to it, which once washed off ensures the skin is left feeling hydrated and super soft rather the dry.
This is probably down to the lush ingredients of mango butter and coconut milk, along with the noni fruit and marshmellow root that all work together to help restore your skins natural moisture level.

As I washed off the mask I noticed there were tiny pieces within the mask, which gently exfoliated dead skin cells away,  my skin was left feeling super smooth, but  hydrated as well.
 Normally after I have used a face mask Im scrambling around looking for my moisturiser, as my skin feels dried out, but not with this mask! it was a real treat for my skin.

Next I applied the Egyptian honey rose hydration radiance masque. suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin. This mask is a great follow up to the previous masque, as it
 was like applying a moisturiser made of creamy honey to my face. It smells divine! and was instantly soothing to my skin.

 The creamy texture was down to the ingredients of raw honey with traces of bee pollen, along with almond oil and juice from the aloe vera leaf.
The effects of the raw honey will brighten and even out your skin tone, and once I rinsed the masque away my skin felt and look noticeably improved, glowing infact!

The artifact skin co have also developed masques and balms for your lips, again all containing natural  ingredients. I'm already carrying the Mint clementine lip balm  around in my make up bag, which you can see in my post called "Whats in my summer make up bag".

After finishing with the face masks I moved onto the lip mask called Honey citrus & root.
containing honey, avocado oil, shea butter and marshmallow root extract.
This lip mask can be left on over night if your suffering from extremely dry lips for an extra deep conditioning treatment.
Once you have rubbed off  the mask, your lips are left feeling really smooth and sooo moisturised that there is no need for any additional lip balm.

Atifact skin co, prides themselves on  producing high quality natural skincare products, specialising in facial masques, that cater to every skin type. Their products are all handmade with carefully selected ingredients to ensure they deliver the help that your skin needs in the best natural way.

Having had the pleasure of trying out these products there is no way I can go back to using the masks I was using before. The quality of these products shine through and I can see the difference in  how my skin looks and feels after using them. 
If you would like to get your hands on these fabulous masques to see the results for yourself, !
their products are now stocked here in the UK at the Conran shop in Chelsea & Marylebone in London
 or you can check out their website here: artifactskinco.com

Twitter - @artifactskinco

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