Sunday, 22 January 2017

Boost oxygen

Well well well look who's back doing a bit of blogging, its only little old me!

I think April 2016 was the last time I actually bothered with a blog post, as I just lost all enthusiasm.
I found it became a bit of a chore and all the enjoyment was sucked right out of it, plus in June I took on some additional work ,which I wasn't expecting, it just happened and of course me being me a good old bout of illness meant I didn't feel like doing anything! especially taking blog pics, any motivation had packed up and left my body and did not return until around mid December, but the time lapse did  make me realise that I actually quite like blogging and want to continue to write the occasional blog post, so here I am yay!

So I thought I would start off with a review of a Christmas present I bought for my brother, its a kind of one for you ,one for me scenario .
By the way my brother is lucky I even got him anything for Christmas, because earlier in the year he used my body brush to clean his football boots! yes his blooming football boots! and if I'm not roped in to helping him pump up 40 plus footballs, my tv programs I'm watching can suddenly switch over to football matches, I could go on but you get the picture ...
so when it came to finding him a present for Christmas I wanted to find something that suited his sporty obsessed lifestyle, so when I found boost oxygen I knew it would be perfect. 

Boost oxygen has 5 choices of 95% pure portable canned oxygen infused with organic essential oil including pink grape, peppermint, menthol-eucalyptus or natural and boost beauty, I opted to buy him  the peppermint one as this seemed to be the one to go for to enhance physical activity and performance.
 The more I started reading the more I wanted one too!

So of course I chose boost beauty , as I may only be 25 years old but anything that helps to slow down the aging process and make your skin look better I'm going try it! hee hee
Its said that the oxygen simulates the bodies natural healing function, as its an anti -inflammatory, which stimulates collagen production. Boost oxygen say the use of the oxygen can help to combat the effect of air pollution on the skin that causes wrinkles and premature ageing. 
I have been using it for almost a month now, I don't know if it has made a differences to my skin, but I do feel better when I take it,and I'm not so fatigued, but that blast of pure oxygen itself just feels really refreshing.
What I can tell you is when I have a headache and then take a few breathes of this my head is a lot clearer, so much so I checked back on their website to see if there was any mention of its effect on headaches and sure enough people who suffer with migraine use these to help when they have a migraine attack.
Also if you have been following me for a while you will know I had a heart ablation 3 years ago for my svts, because of living with svts (supraventricular tachycardia) I have always suffered with anxiety, since the op the anxiety got better because the op cured me of svts but sometimes in the evening if its quiet and I'm over thinking stuff the anxiety creeps in and then I feel stuffy and feel like I can't breathe , my doc just says to breathe into a paper bag , well this is my modern day paper bag , I take a couple of breaths and hold and I can honestly say the moment passes, so if this is something that you suffer from I highly recommend the boost oxygen for fellow anxiety sufferers.
 I'm nearly at the end of this can I will definitely be getting another one, but this time I'm going to try the menthol-eucalyptus one, as I like the sound of the soothing effects it has on the nervous system !

Poppy Chanelle 

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