Sunday, 3 September 2017

A catch up on my weight loss and exercise plans, ft boost's peppermint oxygen

So if you read my last fitness post you would know that I had gained half a stone over the winter months and you will also know that I don't care much for exercising, in fact I really don't like it.... and its not because I don't want to be that person that jogs past you in the morning while your on your way to work(by the way that will never happen) its just that every time that I try to do some  moderate to high intensity workouts, I start to feel a bit light-headed, get a bit shaky and dizzy, so just end up stopping and giving up:(
  so no buzz for me... no rush of endorphin's that everyone keeps talking about ....just left feeling like crap and my body thinking... what was that all about then.
     well guess what...I've only gone and lost that half a stone, and a bit extra too!

At the end of the last fitness post I talked about having to raise the level of exercise I was doing if I wanted to burn off the rest of  those unwanted what have I been doing since the last post..well
 me being me I was going to put off starting any sort of workout for as long as I possibly could and opted for activities that I actually enjoy doing that could burn some pounds as well. I purchased some new roller-blades, as the wheels on my old ones were a bit tired.
 I dusted off my old bike out of the shed which required some much needed TLC, as it hasn't seen the light of day for a few years, I even forgot what colour it was (purple) if anyone was wondering and quite enjoyed spending a lot more time in the park then I usually do, but it got to the stage where I couldn't put off starting the workouts any longer and I needed to knuckle down and get myself into a routine.

I started out by looking on youtube at different exercise routines by fitness instructors like Kathy smith and others, who had great 10min and 20min segments that you could easily follow along with. I started off doing just a 10min one, then moved onto 20mins, and then joint them together to make a 30min workout. I started off doing the 30mins workouts 3 x a week and then tried to fit an extra  workout in when I could.  Like most people I always make sure to  have a bottle of water to hand, and a trusted banana about an hour before I plan to workout to keep those sugar levels in check,but this time around  I also had boost oxygen's peppermint supplementary oxygen to help get me through those moments when I get a bit dizzy and light headed, and since having read  that women required more oxygen when exercising  it  may explain  why I feel like this when I exercise...
Boost oxygen isn't just for those sporting athletes who want to take their training to the next level , but it can also benefit anyone who's starting out on a new exercising regime or wants to build on  their endurance and improved their physical performance and to offset some post workout muscle fatigue and aches. for me its actually helped get me through and complete a workout and more importantly enjoy it.

whats more the oxygen is infused  with peppermint that  helps to suppress the appetite, so great for those of us trying to do portion control or stick to a calorie controlled diet.
each of their oxygen's are infused with a different aroma and peppermint is one of those oils that is known for its many benefits and  after a few blasts of its cool refreshing scent combined with the oxygen it can also help to clear the mind regain focus and lift that mental fatigue that we can all get from time to time.

Now I don't need to lose anymore weight , but what I do need to do is start focusing on toning and making a start on the dreaded sit ups...  Hate hate hate
at this point in time I can probably do about three ,that goes for push ups too, I'm not much better at them either :/
but as autumns practically here I don't want to have the weight creep back on, as I feel much better in my own skin and my skinny jeans too!

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Thursday, 31 August 2017

My go to summer staples'17

As summer draws to a close , I thought a blog post on my most go to items that I've been wearing this  summer would make a good post, as each year there are always a few items that become the main players in your go to wardrobe. This year I had four, and all but one of them were charity shop purchases:)
so of  course it was easy for me to find pics of me wearing them , as I wore them most of the time over the summer, but the collage of pics above depicts me wearing them all together!

so my favourite is my levi shorts that I found at  a FARA charity shop for £4 , I love the fit , as I'm not showing bum cheek everywhere and the denim is so much better then the denim around at the moment , so I'm keeping my eye out for more, as I've looked in the levi shop and their just not the same as the old ones or should I say the vintage ones.

Next up is my castaner espadrilles, I have these canvas shoes in a few colours and I don't tend to wear much else in the summer, as they go with everything!, but I did purchase some other styles from zara this summer that did make an appearance to change it up a bit now and then.

At the beginning of each summer I go a bit mad on buying sunglasses and this continues throughout the summer, but in the end I really only end up wearing the same one pair ... this years pair out of all the pairs I brought that I actually fell in love with.. I  found at a charity shop for £2 from age uk. Their the perfect colour perfect shape and size for my face and compared to some that I brought the perfect price too!

finally but not least is my cardigan perfect if there's a bit of a sea breeze or a chilly evening , but still keeps you looking summery, again another charity shop find... and this is why I love charity shops , as I never find stuff like this at the normal high st shops... I also found this at ageuk for £7 and I love it!

Hope you all had a lovely summer ! :)

Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Boost Beauty Pink grapefruit & frankincense

Over the past several months I have become a huge fan of boost oxygen beauty* and enjoy the benefits of using it daily throughout the day. The 98% pure oxygen infused with with the aroma of pink grapefruit and frankincense has helped improve my headaches and moments of anxiety that I get now and then, but the main benefits of using this supplemental oxygen, is that it helps to fight against the effects of  pollution that our skin is exposed to everyday, so perfect for those of us who want to keep our skin looking its best and keep those dreaded wrinkles away! ....I go into more detail about the effects of pollution on our skin in my previous boost beauty post here: [ Boost oxygen beauty ]

The portable canisters come in two sizes, the larger can is 22oz and contains just over 6 litres of oxygen, which will give you anywhere between 75-150 inhalations, but this does all depend on how long you inhale for each time. The larger can also has the mask built in, which the smaller canister does not. On the whole I much prefer using the can with the mask, as I feel you get a much more effective blast of oxygen with each inhalation, but sometimes the smaller 4oz can, which is just over 2litres and delivers between 15-50 inhalations is the perfect size and just what you need when your out and about and stuck for space and maybe just have a trouser pocket or a small bag to choose from, but you still want to continue with your regime to protect your skin from the elements.

also feel much more comfortable using the smaller can if i'm out and about..on the tube or bus, as the cute size and straw like tube is very discreet, so if you was wondering what size to purchase I would definitely recommend both sizes, as I have found both of them work great for different situations . The larger can with the mask is a must! and the mini can, with its cute size is very easy to just keep in my everyday bag. 

I also keep one in my make up bag, as its has become apart of my skincare regime along with all my other skincare products I use to help ward off the effects of the aging process.
 I tend to inhale a few times in the morning when I get up to start my day and then use it as and when I feel the need  throughout the day, if I'm feeling sluggish or the weather is really muggy or if I find myself in a really polluted area & then again in the evening after removing my make-up, so to help  keep my skin looking and feeling at its best.

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Sunday, 30 July 2017

Summer evening make up

My favourite thing about summer, is the lovely summer evenings, when its a lot cooler then in the day, where you still get a nice warmth that doesn't leave you feeling all sweaty and uncomfortable.
If its been a particularly nice day, I like to prolong the day by either eating out with friends,at a restaurant that has a nice outside dining area, or taking leisurely walks along the sea front /riverside or park.
 I always like to refresh my look for evening, restyling my hair, selecting a  a new outfit and creating a summery make up look, that I know wont melt off my face:/
If you read my post "whats in my summer make up bag", you already know that I love using orange colours for my summer make up looks.
Well my latest orange lipstick added to my collection is the neon orange from MAC.
which might be a tad too bright for some peoples liking, but I love it!.
As its such a statement colour, I decided just to wear all white and tie my hair back, making it all about the lipstick.

As the colour is so vibrant, Bronzer and shimmer was a must to complete the look!
If you would like to create the look yourself, below are the products I used.

1. Mac Studio fix fluid foundation
2. Sleek make-up Faceform blush & contouring palette in light 
3. Gosh giant sun powder metallic glow
4. Miss Sporty studio lash eyeliner 
5. Neon orange mac lipstick

Thursday, 29 June 2017

Recharge & recover with Boost oxygen Menthol - Eucalyptus

With our busy daily lives taking over its easy to become burned out and stressed leaving us feeling over tired, run down and mentally sluggish. so its important to make some time for yourself to recharged and refuel your body mind and soul, so you can be the best you can be.Getting away somewhere isn't always an option,but there are definitely some things you can do so to imagine you are somewhere nice and calming,to give yourself a chance to re-balance and recharge ,even if its only for the duration of your lunch break or a spare 10mins.

If your not the type of person that's used to setting aside some quiet time for yourself you might actually find it a bit of a challenge at first, especially if your always on the go and your not quite sure as to what the me time should be.
Each year more and more people are turning to meditation/yoga to relieve stress and help to reduce their blood pressure and others have found it has helped with their anxiety or depression they feel.
 The exercises work for people of all levels of fitness and best of all can be done anywhere at anytime. 
Taking a class is a good way to find which style works best for you and to learn some of the techniques, so that even on you lunch break you can just take yourself off to the local park, riverside or quiet spot, or if at home a quiet room of even the garden. 
I definitely benefit from taking some time out of my day to try and meditate and do some gentle stretches and just sit ,think positive thoughts and just chill ...away from mobile phones, social media, work emails, etc
I found including boost oxygen's Menthol-Eucalyptus 95% pure portable oxygen a great addition to my sessions, as taking deep, relaxing breathes of pure oxygen very calming, soothing and uplifting all at the same time.

The oxygen just by its self is also perfect for those of you who cant get away from the office or only have 5 or 10 mins to spare in your day. If its a bit noisy where you are you can just pop in some headphones with some soothing sounds and escape for a few minutes while just sitting in your chair.The oxygen comes in two handy sizes that you can easily keep in a drawer or bag. 
Just inhaling Eucalyptus is known to relax the nervous system and muscles and can help relieve stress levels, lowering blood pressure. The stimulating aroma teamed with oxygen can lift mental fatigue which in turn improves mental performance and memory.

so if you find yourself caught up in the stresses of daily life why not try and include a small daily routine of exercises, meditation and breathing techniques combined with boost oxygen's menthol-eucalyptus,to give you that extra boost to help 
re-balance emotions when feeling over whelmed, reduce tensions,clear your head,  lift your spirits and feel more like you again, ready to take on the rest of your day.

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Wednesday, 28 June 2017

The barbican conservatory

When this floral leaf dress arrived from closet London, I knew there was only one place that would be perfect to shoot an OOTD!
The conservatory at the Barbican center is a hidden tropical oasis in the heart of the city.
The greenhouse is home to over 2,000 species of tropical plants and trees, and plays host to many fashion events and private functions.

Unlike Kew gardens the Barbican conservatory is free to enter, but its only open to the public on a Sunday from 11am-5pm.
So to make sure I got there, as soon as it opened, so to get some photos before it got too busy!
I got myself up bright an early, but its always wise to check their website before you plan to go for possible closures, as its often used for private functions and events.

Dress - Closet London
White pumps Newlook

on your visit you will find lots of other people taking pics, but there are lots of little areas within the conservatory that you can take yourself off to that make perfect little backdrops for your pictures, but try to get there as soon as it opens as it gets quite busy after midday and as its a conservatory its also on the warm side so layers are a must!
once finished there is always lots on at the barbican centre and the architecture of the surrounding buildings are also a great location to take yet more pics

Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Boost Oxygen - The urban jungle

I love the fact that I live in central London, because as soon as I step out my front door its not long before I'm amongst the hustle and bustle of it all, and spoilt for choice for what to do with my day, with great transports connections to get me to where I need to be.
   The only downside to all that is the ever growing pollution problem we face, which on the whole if I'm honest I don't really think about day to day .........that is until the warmer months roll round and sometimes you can actually see it!. A cloud of smog that sits above the city cause by traffic fumes, construction sites and other pollutants, which can leave you suffering from a dry throat, tickley cough, chest irritation and dry sore eyes and for some it can actually be a daily occurrence and a lot worse.
you get so use to the poor air quality, that you don't realise how poor it is until you take yourself off  out to the countryside or down by the seaside where you can tell the air is a lot cleaner.

while campaigners continue to put pressure on  the government to work on creating new policies to reduce the emissions to control the level of pollution,........ more and more products to help combat this serious issue are coming onto the market.

So this year I'm quite relieved to have discovered boost oxygen, as this time when the horrible muggy weather arrives, leaving me feeling like I can't breathe I can use one of boost oxygen's portable cans of 95% pure oxygen to help off set some of the symptoms, as when the air quality is at its worst you get more fatigue and cant think straight.
When the toxic air breaches the legal limits and pollution warnings are displayed at bus stops, tube stations and road sides, for some of us its not an option to retreat and go home, as we need to carry on with our day, but when your oxygen levels go down everything becomes a bit more of a struggle,poor concentration and  low energy levels so a few blasts of refreshing oxygen on a hot muggy day will definitely help, increase any depleted oxygen levels and reduce some of the amount of  allergen reactions, helping me stay at my best , so to carry on with my day.
  I've already been using the boost oxygen beauty, as part of my beauty routine to ward of the effects of the pollution on my skin, as all the microscopic specks of pollutants in the air end up sitting on our skin and getting into the deeper layers through our pores causing the skin to become inflamed and dehydrated, which breaks downs the collagen, which accelerates the ageing process., so inhaling the oxygen works to simulate the bodies own natural healing process to reduce inflammation and increase cell renewal as well.

Boost oxygen comes in two sizes the smaller 4oz can fits nicely in your handbag or trouser pocket for when your on the move and tight for space, so when I next have to travel on the dreaded underground in that sticky heat when its already hot on the tube I will feel more at ease knowing when I start to feel uncomfortable I can take a few breaths and imagine I'm else where for a few minutes until I get to my stop .

The natural can has no aroma and is often favoured by mountain climbers at risk of altitude sickness, but boost oxygen have another 4 oxygen's to choose from all infused with different aromas that have different benefits, which you can check out here:

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Tuesday, 30 May 2017

How I clean my camera lenses

A few years ago I treated myself to a Nikon D3200 dslr camera, and even though it came with a half decent kit lens, as my love for photography grew, so did my craving for new lenses!.
 I've since gone on to purchased a couple of other lenses to improve the quality of my photos, and
even though I've been quite careful with looking after the lenses, including buying the correct filters for each one, somehow I've still manage to get them dirty ie, finger marks, dust particles and smudges,which really does effect the appearance of your photos.
At first I made the mistake of using a glasses cloth to clean the lens, which only made things worst, but luckily I tried that method out on my kit lens, but when my more expensive lenses became dirty  I knew I had to look into a proper lens cleaning kit.


After looking around on the internet at different kits, and reading reviews, 
I settled on the Lenspen cleaning kit £19.99 from PCworld/currys, which comes with :
1. Lens cleaner pen (white pen)
 2. Filter cleaner pen (black pen)
 3. Hurricane blower
4. Micro fibre cloth .
Once home I wanted to get going with the kit straight away, but I was so nervous, as my favourite lens cost me £700.00 and even though this lens only had dust particles sitting on the lens,
 cleaned in the wrong way, these harmless bits of dust could actually end up scratching the lens, and for me that wasn't an option.
I took a deep breath and begun following the instructions, 
but I need not have worried as the process worked a treat, and my favourite lens was as good as new! Yaaay!
So with confidence I began cleaning my other lenses.... 

Firstly I used the hurricane blower to blow clean air onto the lens to remove 
any dust or debris that was sitting on top.

Both pens that come with the kit are double sided with a retractable soft natural brush at one end, and a chamois cleaning tip at the other. The white pen you use on your camera lens, and the black one you use on your filters. I proceeded with the white pen with the brush end, which  gently removed any remaining dirt particles. 
I then flipped the pen over to the other end, which has a cleaning tip with an invisible carbon cleaning compound, a special non liquid cleaning element, which is very easy to use, just by going over the lens surface in smooth circular movements until the smudges and any marks disappear. If some of the marks are being a bit stubborn, don't worry as you can gently breathe on the lens and repeat the step to get a better result.


Repeat the whole process with the black pen on your filters, as there's no point putting dirty filers over a sparkling clean lens!

Thursday, 27 April 2017

Easing back into exercising with Boost Oxygen Pink Grapefruit

I don't know about you, but everyone has been saying how tired they feel all the time, and that was totally me a few months ago, which makes it incredibly hard to get motivated to get moving and start exercising.
That fatigue tiredness feeling always has me reaching for the wrong things to give me that quick energy fix, and with that comes the unwanted extra pounds, and over the winter months I accumulated seven of them... that's half a stone,... half a stone!!!
Now I'm not normally someone who worries to much whether I've put on a pound or two , but this bit of weight gain left me feeling uncomfortable in my own skin. My skinny jeans were becoming a little workout all of their own to get on in the morning and with summer just around the corner I was determined to get my butt in gear.
I cant blame it all on my hibernating state through the winter months, as since my heart op three years ago I've avoided doing any sort of exercise what so ever in fear of raising my heart rate, just my own  little mental thing I had to get past being a svt (supraventricular tachycardia ) suffer, but it meant my body got comfortable doing nothing ,and the result is I ended  up putting on some extra pounds and feeling tired most of the time.
So where to start when you haven't done any diet/exercise in ages.
 I done all the normal stuff of making sure the house was cleared of any bad food, brought some new fitness gear, and some health and fitness magazines for some extra motivation, but for some reason I just couldn't get into doing a workout ...and I couldn't shake that sluggish feeling and on top of that sticking to a diet was hard work! especially when your brother decides to order in a pizza or your dad brings in fish& chips.... I mean c'mon.

Two weeks had past and it was time to take back control and get my act together and try again, but this time instead of trying to do a full on aerobic workout, I just started with some simple stretches  and walking round my local park.  I bought myself a fancy juicer and started juicing up a storm, apple, carrot with a hint of lemon is my fav at the moment..yum.
 I  also started using boost oxygen's pink grapefruit supplemental oxygen to give me that boost of energy I was missing to help get me going, plus as pink grapefruit oil is known as the 'dieters friend'  it can help as a appetite suppressant as well, so perfect for those of us looking to shed some extra pounds.

I found using the oxygen throughout the day most effective.
 a few breaths to start your day, mid morning, mid afternoon and any time in the evening  I felt a craving ,or felt I needed a little pick me up really helped
It wasn't long before I got into my stride and increased my walking time and introduce some light weights and even embrace the idea of taking my exercise mat and doing my stretches outside.

Weeks down the line and without even stepping on the scales I can tell I have shed some pounds, as I can see it in my face and of course my skinny jeans! but I'm at that point where I need to increased my level of exercise and step it up a level, but I have to admit I'm one of those people that have never really enjoyed exercising, so any product  like boost oxygen that can help make exercising easier is for me, so if you know someone who maybe starting out on their exercising journey that gets out of breath easy or needs that little bit of extra help and a kick start tell them about boost oxygen as it maybe just what they're looking for. 

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Sunday, 23 April 2017

My petite story

[Originally posted March 2014 ]

Growing up I never felt self conscious about my height, until I reached adulthood, and had to learn the hard way,of how important your clothing choices were in regards to the impression you made, and the way people treated you.

At my little primary school in Chelsea , I was one of the smallest in my class, and that didn't really change much when I moved on to my secondary school in Richmond, but this time not only was I one of the smallest in my class, I also became one of the smallest in my year!. As the years rolled on my classmates shot up in height, and most of the boys towered over me, which meant I was often picked up and carried around unexpectedly at random times of the day.
At this point buying clothes was easy and enjoyable, as I could shop in the teenage sections of the high street stores, and keep up with the current fashion trends.
It wasn't until my first year at beauty college, where finding clothes to fit started to become a struggle.
For starters the smallest size of the uniform we had to wear was miles to big, luckily for me my Nan was good at alterations.
When my friends started to shop more in womenswear, I still needed to shop in the children's sections, but the clothing on offer didn't really reflect my changing image, and what was in fashion at the time, plus I found it to be quite immature looking.  Buying clothes that didn't fit became the norm, but thankfully my Nan was on hand to fix whatever needed to be done in order for me to look presentable.
                                                    OH THATS WHY

Towards the end of my first year at college, I began to feel tired all the time ,falling asleep in the day, and my weight had dropped below six stone, and worst of all I began losing a lot of hair.

After some blood tests ordered by my GP, I found myself booked  in for an emergency MRI  scan on a Sunday morning. At the time, though I didn't know it , the doctors were looking for a tumor on my pituitary gland, which thankfully I didn't have, but after some further tests I was later diagnosed with the endocrine disorder "Growth hormone deficiency".  Without boring you with the medical terms , everything to to with growth is affected including my height, and so within a couple of days of my 17th birthday I started injecting with growth hormone every night. At first I was a bit wary about starting it, until I read that in Hollywood it is haled as the elixir of youth, and beauty companies have been trying to get it into their beauty products for years, but as yet it only works in injection form, and is only safe for people to take who lack this particular hormone. After a few months of taking it, my energy levels, and skin had improved along with some healthy weight gain, and my hair was also showing signs of improvement as well.
Growth hormone deficiency, if caught early enough,enables the patient to reach their genetic height, or even more. The famous footballer Lionel Messi was diagnosed at the age of 11 and  has gone on to be rated as one of the top footballers. Even though my diagnoses had been made quite late, mainly because the women in my family are all round 5.2 , so for me being short didn't really seem  like anything out of  the norm, but even so, I have still manage to get a small  increase in my height just scraping 4ft11, and who knows, I could reach my predicted height of 5ft.1, as I will remain on growth hormone until my endocrinologist decides its time to stop.

                                               PETITE GIRL IN A BIG WORLD

While recovering, and getting use to my  new diagnoses, and side effects it came with, I went back to college. first studying art and design, then onto a two year specialist make-up course at West Thames College, which was amazing. After finishing my national diploma, I wasn't sure what I wanted to do ,so I began volunteering at my local oxfam boutique in Chelsea, where not only did I develop a passion for fashion ,but I also developed an addiction to shopping in charity shops, as I do love a good bargain.

It wasn't long before I got my first proper job at Laura Ashley on the iconic kings road.

Each season we had to wear the clothing collection as our uniform, and even though they went down to a size 8 ,you've guessed it, they were too big, so each time I had to get them altered to fit, but that wasn't to be my main problem.
At first I chose clothing that I would normally go for ie , really cute dresses that were a fit and flare sort of style, but because of my height and baby face I didn't realise that they made me look about 12 , and so the customers treated me as such. Customers were really rude, they did not want to deal with me, or want my opinion or help, and would often ask to speak to someone else instead. At the time I didn't  think they were treating me like this because of how I appeared,  I just thought wow, these customers are really tough!. Then a new collection came in and we had to choose which items we wanted as our uniform for the season ahead, this time, just by chance, I chose more mature, smart classy dresses, that were fitted in style, and these also showed off my figure.
From the first day I wore them I couldn't believe the changes in peoples reaction to me. The customers started treating me totally different ,like I was a different person , they were now asking me for my opinion and advice, and often asked me to show them where the dress was, that I was wearing!.I even had customers asking for me personally,and a couple of them even brought me cakes, and on one occasion a customer asked me to consider working for them at their concession store within Harrods.
 Some of you may say," oh you probably just got better at your job", but no, as when I reverted back to the old style of dresses, the rudeness from the customers returned also, which made me feel self conscious about my height, so from that point I only chose the sophisticated dresses to wear, which gave me an added confidence boost, and also enabled me to do my job properly.

Of course this effected  my clothing choices I made outside of work as well, and here too I found people reacted to me differently.
Now when out shopping I always keep this in mind when deciding on a new purchase ,it maybe a super cute item , but its not worth it, if I end up feeling rubbish in it, and I've also learnt to steer clear of the fashion trends that don't suit the petite frame, but every so often, I do give in to temptation,  as I am only young after all, and hopefully have a life time of looking mature, but at least I have learnt that if I want to be taken seriously, and treated as an adult clothing choices are crucial.

I have learnt to embrace my height, and turn it into a positive when people try and use it to put me down, plus its a good excuse for my massive shoe collection, as you can never have too many high heels I say!

[Originally posted March 2014 ]